About the Team


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Daniel Lim

Daniel Lim serves as President of EqOpTech. As a rising senior at Los Altos High School, he is a computer language specialist in Java, JavaScript and Python. He enjoys breaking down difficult concepts into mini lessons to teach children how to code.

His interests include reading, solving rubric cubes and playing video games. He likes to play volleyball, swim and do Cross Country.

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Nathaniel Latif

Nathaniel Latif serves as Vice President at EqOpTech. A rising senior at Los Altos High School, Nate is an aspiring coder. He enjoys the challenge of refurbishing laptops.

Currently taking AP Computer Science, Nathaniel is a long-time devoted member of Computer Engineers of the Next Generation, a club dedicated towards teaching programming to underprivileged students.

With his experience in coding and teaching kids, he loves to pass on his knowledge, and hopes that those he teaches can enjoy the joy of coding as well.


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Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith serves as Technology Specialist & Mentor at EqOpTech. As a rising junior at Los Altos High School, he enjoys coding, robotics, and LARP. He started to learn to program by using GameMaker and then moved on to use Python, Scratch, JavaScript, and Java.

Trevor has been volunteering with EqOpTech since middle school and is EqOpTech’s resident expert on refurbishing old laptops using Mac, Windows, CloudReady, Linux OS and using firewire to revive decade old macs.

Trevor is also fluent in Spanish and enjoys teaching and deploying refurbished laptops to undeserved school children.


- Mac OS Firewire (Lead)

- Cloudready/Lexia (Lead)

- Chromebook powerwashing

- Linux Firewire Installation, Mac based Ubuntu/Lubuntu Installation, Chromebook Refurbishing

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Bill Shao

Bill Shao serves as software engineer at EqOpTech. He champions and spearheads various tech initiatives including research-based projects, open-source asset management application development.

He is a rising junior at Los Altos High School, and a part of the LAHS Main Street Choir. Bill currently pursues computer science in C++ coding and competes in Gold USACO coding competitions. Outside of academic activities, he also plays tennis and is on the debate team. He hopes that, through programs such as Computer-in-a-box, that he can give back and spread the ability for people to pursue computer science.


- Asset Management App Development and Testing (Lead)

-Lightweight OS Research Proposal (Lead)

- Computer Hardware Salvage and Repair

- Mac based Ubuntu/Lubuntu Installation, Chromebook Refurbishing

Creative Writing/Communications/Media


Sarah Yung

Sarah serves as EqOpTech’s editor, marketing communications. She is a rising senior at Los Altos High School. She enjoys exploring interesting topics in all types of science and sharing what she's learned with her friends. She is also involved in her school's choral department and softball team. In her free time, she likes creative writing and drawing, and is currently teaching herself how to code. She is passionate about math, music, and helping others.


- Machine Arts

- Intelligent Transportation

- The Machine Edge

- Intelligent Money

- Machine Doctors and Disease Detectives

Blogging project:

- EqOpTech Experiences New Growth

Marketing collateral content production

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Alice Liu

Alice serves as creative writer and blogger at EqOpTech. She attends Los Altos High School and has a passion for STEAM, as well as writing, sports, and activism. Ever since 3rd grade, she's been coding and programming and finding ways to incorporate her love of writing into it.

Alice also loves entrepreneurship, having experience as the VP of sales in her 7th grade entrepreneurial team. Alice believes in giving back to her community and is looking forward to using her skills and helping out.

Publications: Thanks to AI in the classroom: the future is now

Blogging project: College Talk featuring Kalven Goreal

Digital Marketing/Advertising

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Joshua Kung

Joshua Kung serves as graphic designer in EqOpTech’s digital marketing team, spearheading digital marketing and advertising projects including events graphics design, marketing collateral design and video editing projects.

Joshua is a Los Altos High student who likes to creatively express himself through various types of artwork such as writing and Photoshop. He enjoys playing sports such as basketball and is a competitive track athlete.


- Graphic Design e.g. College Talk Flyer, Refurbishing Workshop Flyer

- Company Logo/Banner redesign

- Video Editing & Production

- Chromebook Refurbishing

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Justin Chou

Justin Chou serves as a core leader in EqOpTech’s digital marketing and technology team. He spearheads the video production and collaborates with the tech team on various tech projects including application development.

Justin is a rising sophomore at Los Altos High School. Currently, his favorite subjects are Math and Robotics. He is also a member of FRC Team 114, who made it to worlds this year.

In his free time, he enjoys video-making, golf, and watching sports. Having worked with electronics and in assembly in the past, Justin is excited to help underserved kids.


- Video editing and production

- Computer refurbishing


Mentors and Advisors


Eric Che

Eric is a rising senior at Saratoga High school, an avid musician who plays piano and clarinet as well as a sub 20 speed cuber. He is also a part of Robotics team, participating in FRC robotics competition.

Ever since middle school, he has been very curious when it comes to tech and would find taking apart and putting it back together very amusing. He especially enjoys repairing and overhauling laptops as well as applying his skills to contribute to underserved community.

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Kevin Gao

Kevin Gao serves as EqOpTech adviser and is a rising freshman at UC Berkeley. He served as President of EqOpTech during 2018-19. His favorite subjects are statistics and computer science.

Kevin also has a passion for chess and piano, and is a member of GYP, a nonprofit piano organization that fund raises money for third world countries, as well as being the VP of his school’s chess club. In his free time, he enjoys coding, building robots, and watching hockey.

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Randall Lowe

Randall Lowe serves as EqOpTech's Technology Advisor. He is a rising junior at UC Santa Cruz. Randall is our technology guru, our go-to person for computer tech issues.

He is especially dedicated to helping disadvantaged kids to excel in STEM education, supporting both the laptop refurbishing as well as leading and teaching the STEM workshop, Hour of Code and Khan Academy mentoring programs at Sunday Friends.


Terence Lee

Terence Lee is founder of EqOpTech and a rising sophomore at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Inspired by his Eagle Scout Project to recycle, refurbish and redeploy unwanted computers, he founded EqOpTech to enable free, equal opportunity access to technology, resources and workshops to help educate underserved students.

To further engage more students to learn on a global scale, Terence is exploring automation using machine learning and artificial intelligence to engineer a computer system to teach students in an engaging, interactive, and adaptive way.