Rambus Donates Surplus Laptops to EqOpTech for At-risk Students

Los Altos – EqOpTech of Los Altos, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is teaming up with Rambus to deploy used laptops to provide equal access to technology, as part of an ongoing computer reuse initiative to benefit needy students and minimize e-waste. 

Kevin Gao (left) EqOpTech President, Terence Lee (EqOpTech Founder), Minhaj Shahab (Rambus), Ramesh Khanna (Rambus)

Kevin Gao (left) EqOpTech President, Terence Lee (EqOpTech Founder), Minhaj Shahab (Rambus), Ramesh Khanna (Rambus)

Since 2015, EqOpTech has launched a program to recycle, refurbish and redeploy unwanted laptops to support and teach the Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) program benefiting underserved students in San Jose, Mountain View, Los Altos and East Palo Alto. Kids from low-income families will now have easy access to computers for home use to take online classes such as Khan Academy and collaborate with classmates in online homework and research.

Rambus Incorporated, founded in 1990, is an American technology licensing company, has donated its surplus laptops to support EqOpTech's computer reuse program. EqOpTech will install new hard disk drives onto the donated laptops helping to prolong their service life and reinstall all operating systems, drivers, and software to restore the computer to its original full functionality. Over the last two years, EqOpTech has given a new and purposeful second life to hundreds of used laptop computers and put them back to productive use for students in need.

About EqOpTech
EqOpTech Inc. is an IRS-designated tax exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that enables free, equal opportunity learning via access to technology in under-served community. EqOpTech provides easy access to computer hardware, software, and mentor support in STEM education. For more information, visit www.EqOpTech.org. Follow EqOpTech on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

About Rambus Inc.

Dedicated to making data faster and safer, Rambus creates innovative hardware, software and services that drive technology advancements from the data center to the mobile edge. Our architecture licenses, IP cores, chips, software, and services span memory and interfaces, security, and emerging technologies to positively impact the modern world. We collaborate with the industry, partnering with leading chip and system designers, foundries, and service providers. Integrated into tens of billions of devices and systems, our products and technologies power and secure diverse applications, including Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) security, mobile payments, and smart ticketing. For more information, visit rambus.com.

Our Equal Opportunity Technology program is made possible thanks to Los Altos Community Foundation community grant award.

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