Computer-in-a-Box Project

Computer-in-a-Box Project - Linux Ubuntu on MacBook Mac OS X (dual boot)

Computer-in-a-Box Project - Linux Ubuntu on MacBook Mac OS X (dual boot)

The Box:

Each student volunteer will be provided with a laptop box with a MacBook and a kit consisting of a power adapter, installation guide and an installation disk to install Linux Ubuntu or Lubuntu on Mac OS X (dual boot).

Refurbish Instruction:

A youtube and/or training via Skype by other interns will be available to walk you through the refurbishing process. The benefit of installing Linux and MacBook on older Mac OS X offers more google tools and other applications.

Computer-in-a-Box Project deployed locations:

Community Service Hours:

Community service hours will be awarded to participants.

Laptop Donation Drive & Refurbish Workshop

Laptop Donation Drive - get the word out:

  • School Club or student council or leadership council
  • Video or live presentation at school
  • Los Altos Town Crier story
  • EqOpTech Blogs
  • Nextdoor posting
  • Social Media - Facebook & Twitter
  • School newsletter: Words from Wynn, Bobcat Tracker
  • Video broadcast at Egan school assembly

Refurbish Workshops

  • Club meeting at Sra. Rodriguex classroom (Room 911) at Los Altos High School every Thursday to refurbish laptops. Open to National Honor Society, qualified for individual and group hours.
  • Software installation disc and instructions will be provided, including Open Office, AVG antivirus, Firefox, Google Chrome, Chrome OS, Linux Ubuntu.
  • Chrome OS instructions here; Linux Ubuntu or Lubuntu installed on old MacBooks Lion running Linux/Mac OS Dual can be found here.

Laptop Deployment

  • Phase 1 deployment to 5th & 6th graders at Santa Rita Elementary School on November 17, 2016
  • Phase 2 deployment to 4th graders at Santa Rita Elementary School on December 8, 2016
  • Phase 3 deployment to Santa Rita Elementary School on February 28, 2017
  • Deployment to Egan Junior High School on January 20, 2017
  • Ongoing Khan Academy STEM and Laptop program at Sunday Friends

STEM outreach & Mentorship

Khan Academy Pilot Program at Sunday Friends

Volunteer Service Matters!

Make a difference and change the world.

STEM workshops - Hour of Code

Workshop events on Scratch Programming or Raspberry Pi.

  • Hour of Code at Sunday Friends
  • Khan Academy at Sunday Friends

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