EqOpTech seeks unwanted, functioning Laptops to Benefit Students in Need at Almond School

By Terence Lee

Following a successful roll out of Refurbished Laptop for STEM program at Santa Rita and Egan Schools, EqOpTech, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company, is launching another laptop drive to benefit students without laptops at Almond Elementary School

Project-Based Collaborative Learning at Los Altos School District (LASD)

LASD has been preparing its students for 21st century project-based learning and collaboration using Google Drive and Edmodo. Working as a team, students are assigned homework to share a Google Doc and/or perform online research and collaborate on a project assignment. Likewise, teachers use tools like Edmodo, Membean and other Google tools to foster collaboration and student engagement.  This collaborative environment aims at sharpening student's research and analytical skills as well as teamwork and project management experience expected of them in the real world. For this reason, it is essential that students have access to laptops both in class and at home.

Bridging the digital education divide

The traditional classroom now transforms into a virtual classroom that extends learning beyond the physical classroom. This poses a learning challenge for students who do not have laptops at home. Not only are these students unable to access online research at home, but they also cannot collaborate real-time with classmates to prepare for classroom discussion. Overtime, students without laptop will be lagging behind their peers, learning at a slower pace.

Almond Laptop Home Usage Program - Donate Now

Almond Used Laptop Drive by EqOpTech

Almond Used Laptop Drive by EqOpTech

EqOpTech is seeking functioning laptops (Windows & Mac) with appropriate power adapters on an ongoing basis.

"Our goal is to promote equal opportunity learning through technology tools," according to Terence Lee, CEO and Founder of EqOpTech. "All donated laptops will be refurbished and redeployed to kids who do not have easy access to Google Drive and other cloud-based applications." 

Each laptop will be refurbished to its full functionality with operating system and removal of all personal data prior to redeployment. 

To donate, please drop off at collection box at the office, Almond Elementary School, 550 Almond Ave, Los Altos between March 20 to 31. Please disable any password prior to donating. If you wish to donate outside of this window, please e-mail Donate@EqOpTech.org.

Thank you for supporting the Laptop Donation Program. Donations are tax-deductible. Tax receipt will be provided upon request and will be mailed directly from EqOpTech Inc.

Equal Opportunity Technology

About EqOpTech
Founded in May 2016, EqOpTech is a 501(c)(3) IRS-designated tax exempt nonprofit organization managed by students. EqOpTech promotes and enables equal opportunity free access to technology for computer learning and STEM education in under-served communities.