EqOpTech Teams Up with Sunday Friends to Introduce Khan Academy Program to Help Disadvantaged Youth

By Emma Kwan, Marketing Manager, September 2, 2016

EqOpTech, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company, partnered with Sunday Friends on August 28, 2016 to introduce Khan Academy as a modernized learning tool for underprivileged kids at one of Sunday Friends’ program locations, Lowell Elementary School.

Left to Right, LAHS Students mentors: Terence Lee, Jane Zhao, Emma Kwan & David Ding

Left to Right, LAHS Students mentors: Terence Lee, Jane Zhao, Emma Kwan & David Ding

Khan Academy Mathematics Pilot Program

EqOpTech ran two sessions of thirty minutes each and had 8 beta-testers for the Mathematics program. Each kid was given their own laptop as well as a headset to participate in the new program. Individual accounts were set up to track participants’ progress and mentors utilized Khan Academy’s personal dashboard to identify learning gap and recommend areas of improvement.

A Blend of Technology and Teaching

EqOpTech strongly believes in using technology to enhance face-to-face teaching and learning experience. The Khan Academy’s instructional videos, exercise practices and dashboard are effective tools to allow mentors to tailor the program to challenge individual kids to learn. Mentors will create a mission with predefined content and can be adapted and customized to allow kids to learn at their own pace. Based on the learning dashboard, mentors can provide feedback, help participants that are struggling as well as provide words of encouragement. The face-to-face interactions along with energy points and badges are great motivational tools to foster a focused, enriched environment for positive learning.

Students Helping Students Program

EqOpTech aspires to promote equal opportunity learning to all youth by enabling the use of technology and empowering student leaders to help those with education needs. As kids from the beta testing were not the only ones that benefited, student mentors also gained important coaching experience while making a difference in the community.

"EqOpTech believes in engaging kids in early STEM at a young age to foster a passion for lifelong learning,” CEO Terence Lee said. “I was so encouraged that the technology tools and mentor support had such a significant positive impact on children’s learning experience. We look forward to the next series of workshops and joint technology projects with Sunday Friends." 

The Next Step

After a successful launch of the pilot program, EqOpTech will continue to strive for educational excellence and equality for all children. The Pilot Program provided valuable data and insight into how best to run the modules, as we take the necessary steps to further improve the learning experience going forward. At the next workshop, participants will warm up by taking a diagnostic test. This will be followed by practice problems tailored to match and challenge participants’ learning needs. These changes will be put into place at the next Khan Academy workshop event at Santee Elementary School (1313 Audubon Dr., San Jose, CA, 95122) on September 11, 2016.

Going Offline and Going Mobile

Most low-income families at Sunday friends do not have an internet connection. This creates a learning challenge for kids who wish to access Khan Academy from home using EqOpTech’s refurbished laptops. EqOpTech is currently exploring a possible solution using an offline version of Khan Academy. Please stay tuned for developments of future offline deployments.

Recently, Khan Academy joined forces with Duck Duck Moose to expand its education footprint to target the preschoolers. The 21 apps from Duck Duck Moose can now be downloaded for free in the Google Play and Apple App Store. With the intellectual property and workforce donated from Duck Duck Moose, Khan Academy plans to launch a new offering of mobile apps for young learners entering kindergarten. To prepare for modern 21st century learning with mobile apps, EqOpTech is seeking donations of mobile devices (tablets, ipads) to enable Sunday Friends preschoolers to have equal access to Duck Duck Moose free apps. To donate mobile devices or provide support, please e-mail Donate@EqOpTech.org or call (650) 559-8338 to arrange for pick up or drop off.

About EqOpTech

Founded in May 2016, EqOpTech is a 501(c)(3) IRS-designated tax exempt nonprofit organization managed by students. EqOpTech promotes and enables equal opportunity free access to technology for computer learning and STEM education in under-served communities.

Website: www.EqOpTech.org

E-mail: Contact@EqOpTech.org