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EqOpTech Computer Refurbishing Workshop

You are invited to a hands-on computer refurbishing workshop at The View Teen Center to learn how to install open source software such as Linux Ubuntu, CloudReady onto iMacs and MacBooks.

Please RSVP via this google form by Thursday July 11, 5 pm so that we can get the computers, table & chairs ready for this workshop.




  • Group One: 5 volunteer interns refurbishing iMacs, partition hard disk to dual boot iMacs with Linux Ubuntu OS

  • Group Two & Three: Volunteer interns will learn how to

    • (a) create a CloudReady USB installer using Windows 10 OS

    • (b) install CloudReady on white MacBooks 2,1 core 2 duo

  • Test drive computers to ensure access to Google Applications, Khan Academy, ST Math etc.

  • Clean laptops including refurbished Chromebooks

  • Refurbished computers will go to needy students in MVLA and neighboring cities such as East Palo Alto and San Jose


  • Daniel Lim

  • Trevor Smith

  • Bill Shao

  • Kevin Gao

  • Terence Lee

Prerequisites: No previous experience necessary, however, it would be helpful to review the slides & video from our 1st orientation

iMac presentation to college-bound LAHS graduating senior

Computer Supplies pickup at the end of the workshop.